Defensa 1047
tel: (0054) 11 4362-4437 / 4362-3944
San Telmo, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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Lot Nš 143

Lot Nš 528
Narcisse Virgile Diaz de la Peņa. An Oil on canvas picture depicting a landscape. Ca 1860.

Lot Nš 2
"Battle scene" Oil on canvas attributed to "Jaques Courtois" called "Il Bourgognone" XVIII Century 70 cm x 90 cm

Lot Nš 740
A pair of French oil paintings representing scenes from the French Revolution. 19th century.

Lot Nš 545

Lot Nš 609

Lot Nš 402
A French oval oil painting signed Giroux. Half of 19th century.

Lot Nš 296
A pair of oil on canvas representing dogs. Ca 1920

Lot Nš 170
A watercolor. Signed Della Valle

Lot Nš 210
An European painting in metal with gilt-wood frame

Lot Nš 529
A Spanish oil on wood. Signed F. Masriera. Ca 1930.

Lot Nš 532

Lot Nš 785

Lot Nš 407
A Spanish oil painting on panel. 19th century. Murillo copy.

Lot Nš 516
A Danish Oil on canvas. Signed Friis Nybo. Ca 1914.

Lot Nš 31
A Tempera on paper signed "Marcora" 1890.

Lot Nš 379

Lot Nš 782

Lot Nš 507

Lot Nš 541



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