Defensa 1082
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San Telmo, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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Lot Nº 61

Lot Nº 656
A French Napoleón III dressing mirror.

Lot Nº 689
A silver framed Juan Carlos Pallarols mirror.

Lot Nº 144
An English partially gilt walnut with oil painting mirror. George II. Ca 1740.

Lot Nº 553
An engraved murano glass mirror. 19th century.

Lot Nº 514

Lot Nº 892

Lot Nº 107
An Italian painted and gilt-wood mirror. XIX century

Lot Nº 811
A French Louis XV style painted, gilt and silver wood with an oil representing birds Trumeau mirror. 19th century.

Lot Nº 119

Lot Nº 54
An English regency ebonized gilt-wood from early XIX century.

Lot Nº 693
A Venetian reverse engrave mirror. Ca 1890.

Lot Nº 966

Lot Nº 105
An English Georgian style gilt-wood mirror. Ca 1890

Lot Nº 146

Lot Nº 452
A gilt framed mirror. Ca 1820.

Lot Nº 474
A French Louis XVI style lacquered and gilt wood trumeau mirror. Ca 1920.

Lot Nº 389
A Baroque style mirror with gilt wood frame. Ca. 1920.

Lot Nº 505
A mirror with gilt wood frame. Ca 1920.



Make an appointment at : 154-490-5810 / 154-478-9718 / 154-143-9453
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