Defensa 1082
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San Telmo, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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Lot Nº 26

Lot Nº 458
A German "Kaiser" silverplated figure of a Horseman. Signed W. Zwick. Ca 1920.

Lot Nº 509

Lot Nº 150

Lot Nº 165
A pair of "Old Sheffield" wine coolers. First half of the 19th century.

Lot Nº 830

Lot Nº 135
A silvered-bronze double figure. Signed J. Pradier,with Victor Pailliard foundry seal Ca.1850

Lot Nº 230
A French Louis XVI style silverplated six pieces tea service. Ca 1900

Lot Nº 291

Lot Nº 591

Lot Nº 59
A French Neoclassical style patinated bronze urn with marble base Ca. 1890

Lot Nº 101

Lot Nº 533
A French artnoveau silver metal centerpiece with glass conteiner. Signed Anezin.

Lot Nº 802
A French gilt bronze cherub. Ca 1900.

Lot Nº 840

Lot Nº 682

Lot Nº 850

Lot Nº 219
A German plate, depicting a battle/hunting by WMF. Ca 1890

Lot Nº 286
A Art Decó wine cooler by WMF. Ca 1920



Make an appointment at : 154-490-5810 / 154-478-9718 / 154-143-9453
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